Why I Love You So Much

I wish I could explain why I love you so much,
It’s your eyes, your smile, or your soft and silky touch.

When I saw you first, I knew it was meant to be,
You’d spend your life giving your love to me.

But I took your trust and broke your heart,
I pushed you away, forever to be apart.

The one thing I love more than life itself,
Is to be by you and run away from myself.

I walk along those lost roads calling your name,
They now seem so desolate, not nearly the same.

Remember? You gave me a facial tissue with 3 words when we last met
You know, I don’t ever use it even when my eyes get wet.

I can’t help but cry as I look at that soft white thing,
I don’t know why I take it for your engagement ring.

My heart’s mansion has now turned into a wooden box
Since the key is with you, it can not be unlocked.

I keep it closed from inside too to ease my pain,
But it wouldn’t matter, it still be the same.

All of those memories are inside my head,
Sometimes I’d think I’d rather be dead
Than to live my life without my one true love,
You’re my shining star, my beautiful little dove.

I’d give everything to turn back time,
Back to the days when you were mine.

We’re so happy and our love was strong,
Neither of us could do no wrong.

I’m down on my knees and beg you,
Tell me what it is I need to do
To win back your love and rebuild our trust,
Because to hold you again is an absolute must!

I always miss that mesmerizing touch,
Probably, that’s why I love you so much.


– Rakesh Shukla

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