Is it Possible?

Is it Possible?

For something pure to fascinate a sin?
For someone to be in pain and yet crave to grin?

For the right to love a wrong?
For short to infatuate the long?

For day to miss the night?
For dark to kiss the bright?

For the innocence to fall for danger?
For an introvert to love a stranger?

For all the mighty rights, to go for all the wrongs
Blend in with the impossible and forget where they belong?

For all the love turn to hate?
For the ordinary to become great?

For that hate to fail yet again
And join that love’s train?

For violence to join hands with peace?
For difficulties to finally run with ease?

For all the bad things to have a good face?
For all the wrongs to join the right race?

For a sorrow-stricken heart to heal again
And get rid of the lost love and the resulting pain?

Is it really possible?


– Rakesh Shukla

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